Wednesday, 5 December 2012


GOF Family we miss you.


Its unfortunate we lost our prince,a precious boy and love to hearts of many,may He rest in peace.

Forever we will treasure you prince Hodari.

Monday, 3 December 2012

A day taking care of a child.

A day in taking care of children,one is sick,others have attacked each other,thinking you have solved another have fallen and is bleeding,in all this team work becames so vital,be a partner to us and let us give orphans and vulnerable children a better environment.

Saturday, 1 December 2012


God is love,let us love every orphan and vulnerable child.

Nice photo

The Genesis


The orphanage begun on 1st November 2005. The home is run by Sussy Mmbaka with the board of trustees. Our objective is to give the children quality life. We take care of orphans and vulnerable children getting them through the children’s officer. We get our funding from well wishers and a few income generating activities.   We get challenges in getting a sustainable income generating activities and trainings. In the beginning we were living in a rented house at Timboni and we only had 20 children we had fewer facilities but we still believed in God. It was a hard task to pay the rent and cater for the children for them to get their basic needs including education. Through prayer and hard work we got well wishers who helped and made us smile. The number of children increased rapidly and so the orphanage could no longer sustain them because it was too small. Thank God who touched the hearts of the well-wishers who sacrificed to purchase the land that we are occupying now. Recently we have 166 children;    from 1year to 17 years.  Our achievements are our home and domestic animals like dairy cows, milk goat, indigenous chicken, ducks, pigs and dogs. We plan to have all educational facilities and a land for farming all year long for the sustainability of the orphanage.



The home is divided into ten sections the
 (a)sick children situated in the sick bay,
 (b)small children situated at the baby’s wings,
(c)the teenagers in the dormitories divided into boys section and girls section,
(d) the farmyard,
 (e)the games pitch,
(f)the clinic ,
(g)the school,
(h)dinning hall ,
(I)kitchen and 
 (j)the office.